Untether AI Wins 2023 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

Prestigious International Annual Awards Program Honours Standout AI and Machine Learning Solutions and Companies

TORONTO – June 21, 2023 – Today, Untether AI®, the leader in energy-centric AI semiconductor technology, announced it has been selected as the winner of the “AI Hardware Innovation Award” in the prestigious international AI Breakthrough Awards program conducted by AI Breakthrough. The company received the award for its high-performing AI semiconductor architecture that significantly reduces power consumption in AI workloads.

With its ‘at-memory compute’ architecture, Untether AI has solved the data movement bottleneck that costs energy and performance in traditional AI chips. Untether AI’s latest chip technology handles complex AI workloads at scale, unmatched by any other offering in the market.

“Untether AI was founded to tackle the AI energy consumption problem while increasing the AI inference throughput crucial for important applications such as AVs. Our focus is on making energy-efficient, high-performance chips and creating a more sustainable future for AI,” said Arun Iyengar, CEO of Untether AI. “We’re incredibly honoured that AI Breakthrough is recognizing our work, and we will continue to positively impact industries that are growing rapidly with AI technology. AI needs to do more processing with less power and reduce its impact on the planet.”

The judges of the award were particularly impressed with Untether AI’s partnership with General Motors (GM), which will accelerate the development of its next-gen AI perception system – an integral component of autonomous vehicles (AVs). The project aims to increase AV performance by providing faster, more accurate vision response, increased battery life, and reduced overall autonomous vehicle control system costs.

“Untether AI’s work with GM for an AV perception system based on their unique at-memory computation technology has the potential to improve performance with lower power consumption for an all-electric, connected, and autonomous future that can make driving safer and more efficient,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, AI Breakthrough. “By the end of the decade, the AI portion of the chip industry will be about 50 per cent and that’s an energy consumption problem we must solve. As our pick for the ‘AI Hardware Innovation Award,’ Untether AI is making next-generation transportation a reality that will transform the way we travel and save both energy and cost.”

This year’s AI Breakthrough program attracted more than 3,200 nominations from over 20 different countries throughout the world. Untether AI won the AI Hardware Innovation Award based on its suite of hardware products including its runAI® and speedAI® devices, tsunAimi® acceleration cards, and its imAIgine® Software Development Kit.

Arun Iyengar, CEO of Untether AI, will be speaking at Collision in Toronto on Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 11:55AM – Towards sustainable AI: Addressing environmental impacts.

About Untether AI

Untether AI® provides energy-centric AI inference acceleration from the edge to the cloud, supporting any type of neural network model. With its at-memory compute architecture, Untether AI has solved the data movement bottleneck that costs energy and performance in traditional CPUs and GPUs, resulting in high-performance, low-latency neural network inference acceleration without sacrificing accuracy. Untether AI embodies its technology in runAI® and speedAI® devices, tsunAImi® acceleration cards, and its imAIgine® Software Development Kit. Founded in Toronto in 2018, Untether AI is funded by CPPIB, GM Ventures, Intel Capital, Radical Ventures, and Tracker Capital. More information can be found at www.untether.ai.

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