Video Analysis Where and When You Need It

There are endless applications where the value of captured video increases the quicker it can be analyzed. Untether AI’s ultra-fast AI acceleration products finally make it economically feasible to analyze video in close to real time.

The Video Data Deluge

Every year, millions of cameras are installed all over the world to monitor for safety and to collect data that can be used for everything from managing vehicle traffic to improving manufacturing operations. Processing the vast amounts of data being captured is beyond human capability, but thus far AI has been too costly, and so most video remains unused. The need is for AI accelerators for video analysis that are powerful but also cost-effective enough to deploy at or close to the source.

Solutions Built for Rapid Video Analysis

Untether AI PCIe cards dramatically increase the performance of server-based video analytics solutions. With a small form factor, our AI accelerator cards fit into almost every existing video server. Captured video can be analyzed rapidly and locally, so that the resulting intelligence can be used in a timely manner in a vast range of applications ranging from smart cities to smart retail to industrial vision systems.

The tsunAImi® tsn200 AI accelerator card is compact and boasts a very low power profile. The half-height, half-length PCIe card fits in servers as well as small form factor computer. The card runs at 30-40W when running neural nets (an equivalent GPU solution could run as high as 300W). The high compute density allows a single card to support a significantly higher number of streams.

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Our AI accelerator cards finally make it practical to perform video analytics at and near the edge. Contact us to find out how we can support your efforts in this area.

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