The Edge in Governmental AI Applications

AI proves its merit in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industries by providing rapid analysis of data that leads to superior operational performance and tactical advantages, with results that range from more accurate weather reporting to superior battlefield situational awareness.

Real-Time Ramifications in A&D Systems

Applications in the government sector commonly depend on real-time decision making based on voluminous data streams that can be analyzed effectively only by AI. High-performance and low-latency are critical for such real-time AI applications. A&D applications typically have stringent requirements for enhanced security, state-of-the-art energy efficiency, and at least automotive grade reliability. What’s needed is high performance AI that is both efficient and rugged enough to operate at the extreme network edge.

AI Solutions For Governmental Applications

Our AI accelerator products are based on an architecture we devised to optimize low-latency Batch-1 processing, and the approach has already been proven in real-time computer vision systems for autonomous driving. With automotive grade reliability, our dual-use products are rated for demanding A&D applications, and provide significantly more performance and reduced power consumption compared to the FPGAs commonly used by A&D OEMs.

Our first-generation runAI® 200 devices offer exceptionally high performance at extremely low power, making it practical to process AI workloads in edge applications.

Our second-generation speedAI® 240 offers our highest performance and highest efficiency AI processor for the most demanding applications by offering mixed numerics including INT 8/16 and FP8. SpeedAI 240 offers an industry leading 30 TeraFLOPS per watt of FP8 performance while delivering 2,000 TFLOPS of application performance.

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Ask Us About AI for A&D Applications

Our automotive-grade AI accelerator ICs are suitable for edge applications that require high performance at minimal power while standing up to extreme environmental conditions. Contact us to find out how we can support your efforts in this area.

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