AI-Enhanced Fintech for the Masses

Generative AI is transforming the financial services industry. The biggest financial institutions are using AI to identify and prevent fraud, improve customer engagement, formulate investment strategies, and improve general decision-making through sophisticated content analysis.

Speed is of the Essence for Financial Systems

Whether performing portfolio balancing, risk reduction, or fraud protection, the financial organizations that prosper are those with access to high-performance neural networks that can rapidly analyze reams of data. Data centers can provide the performance necessary, but high-latency hardware can lead to lost opportunities. Furthermore, public cloud-based solutions may expose sensitive financial data to undue risk. The solution is running highly performant AI locally.

AI Inference Solutions For Financial Services Companies

Our AI accelerator devices provide up to 2 PetaOps of batch = 1 performance, providing the highest throughput available at a surprisingly low total cost of ownership (TCO). Our second-generation silicon supports a wide range of networks including large language models (LLMs) for generative AI financial applications such as fraud detection and prevention; investment risk assessment and strategy; chatbots; reporting; and unstructured to structured data transformation.

Our second-generation speedAI® devices provide 2 PetaFlops of inference performance at 30 TeraFlops per watt, providing maximum computational density for sophisticated generative AI models. External memory interfaces are incorporated to facilitate the processing of LLMs. The speedAI240 also includes chip-to-chip interconnect so that financial organizations can start with a single chip and build up to a rack that functions as a secure on-premise data center.

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The TCO on our AI accelerator ICs makes it practical for every financial institution to employ AI for maximum competitive advantage. Contact us to find out how we can support your efforts in this area.

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