Accelerating the Future of AI

Our AI inference accelerator ICs offer faster throughput, greater accuracy, and superior energy efficiency. We make high-performance AI cost effective from the cloud to the edge.

Unlocking the Positive Potential of AI

AI running in data centers is solving some of the Big Challenges. We’re making it easy and cost effective to use AI out in the world. Running AI on our silicon, everyday technology such as assisted driving, electronic retail, and smart cities can be better, more useful, and safer.

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Discover How Using Untether AI Products Can Improve:

Fast, Accurate, Energy-Efficient, and Affordable Accelerators for AI Inference

Our unique architecture helps companies run AI inference workloads faster, cooler, and more cost-effectively. Proven in silicon, our second generation is coming to market to remove more barriers to running AI anywhere.

Push Button Inference

Import models from standard frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch, and ONNX with the push of a button.

At-Memory Computing

By moving the compute element directly adjacent to memory cells, Untether AI’s groundbreaking architecture provides unrivaled compute density

Highest Compute Density

The tsunAImi® accelerator card provides unparalleled performance for the most demanding inference tasks.

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AI Innovation From Toronto, Ready to Accelerate Inference Everywhere

Innovators Delivering Industry-Leading Results

Untether AI’s team has extensive experience with IC technology, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship. The company draws on technical expertise and business acumen from Silicon Valley and from Toronto, one of the original hubs of AI innovation and where we are headquartered.


Imagine Your AI Career With Us

Move Fast. Make Smart, Safe Things

Our goal is to make it cost-effective and easy to apply AI, safely, where it will do the most good – in applications across the real world. We’re looking for people enthusiastic about AI, IC design, and responsible engineering, and who are eager to work with like-minded people. From our headquarters in Toronto, we offer competitive salaries and benefits to our team members across the planet.